We have the honor to contribute to the implementation of many of the guiding boards of many Hospitals in Egypt, including but not limited to ....

  • Children Cancer Hospital (Project 57357)
  • Medical Insurance Building (El Mansoura)
  • Medical Insurance Building (El Suez)
  • Sednawy Medical Insurance Hospital (Cairo)
  • Al Dawaa Hospital Al Awkaf Ministry (Cairo)
  • Academic Children Hospital (El Mansoura)
  • Cancer Center (Damyetta)
  • Al Salam Hospital (Cairo)
  • Cancer Center Naser Institute (Cairo)
  • New Al Bagoury Hospital (Al Monofia)
  • Damanhour Public Hospital (Damanhour)
  • El Nile El Badrawy Hospital (Cairo)
  • The Public Al Mouneera Hospital (Cairo)
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